Born and raised in Los Angeles, Nat Wood is a young, ambitious artist. The Badwood® Ski Mask started as a stencil she created while doing street art in Miami and symbolizes being a “ride or die”. Nat started her dream of having a street wear line in February of 2013. She personally screen prints all the apparel from her home and is now selling Badwood® products worldwide. The production has grown to the point where these original printed items are in short supply… and high demand.



Latest discovery: @Fufi_Design

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Another day another discovery, well today I’d love to introduce the fabulous abaya label @Fufi_Design , the quirky Qatari based brand offers classy, chic, cute and super elegant designs. They are definitely a go to label for modern women. I love the designs so much that I had to share the new #FUFISS2014 collection with you guys, I think they are perfect for brunches or just casual “cruises with the girls”, but yet they would also look amazing when styled properly for a “night” look!!

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Lets talk weddings: @AshiStudio

lets talk weddings

Whether its ready-to-wear or couture Ashi Studio presents fierce & stunning designs made with high-end garments, top-notch quality, extraordinary creativity, originality and most importantly tons and tons of love. Everyone from brides, brides maids and guests can find gowns in Ashi Studio as they offer a handful of wide diverse selections for every taste.

Ashi Studio doesn’t only design gowns but the showroom also feature ready-to-wear and kaftans.
To view more go to:

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Latest discovery: 1991INC


“1991INC is an American clothing brand based in the Nation’s capitol, Washington, D.C. It is the love-child of high-end streetwear and comical urban gear. We are bringing forth a new generation of urban clothing with our unique and exclusive out-of-this world pieces of art that bear themselves in the form of sweaters, t-shirts, and tank tops.

Every creation is built upon the belief that the key to feeling good is to look good. Our goal is to enhance the goodness of your being internally and externally, and to create an allegience of people who are united by the conviction of freedom and the daily goal to enjoy life to its fullest extent. With this allegience, we are Incorporated People. Let us dare to be different and show the world who we truly are without holding back. Who can be against us when we are all for us? We are then, we are now, and we are the future: 1991INC!”

All apparel is UNISEX

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The Hgub & Co.

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“The Hgub & Co. specialize in creating statement pieces that reflect both tradition and modernity. As the name suggests, the brand’s staple piece is the Hgub or the 24-carat gold-plated belt, a traditional piece that has been reinvented to work with the modern silhouette. The belts are fashioned from brass and covered with a layer of 24-carat gold plating that gives a beautifully smooth gloss finish, before being embellished with trims and decorations. To complement the belts, the team has created a line of accessories, including necklaces, bangles and brooches, each piece bearing the brand’s trademark of beauty, elegance and world-class craftsmanship.” - The Hgub & Co. feature in Harpers Bazaar Interiors

I’m really into the Hgub’s statement belts as they look fabulous with kaftans, dresses & “abayas maybe”!!? I love how they are coated with a 24-carat gold layer! how glamorous & luxurious is that?!!

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I was recently introduced to the emerging qatari label WADHA, a label like non other! Exceptionally unique and beautiful. Only a true fashion-ista would rock WADHA <3 #LOVE

Read more about WADHA HERE
Visit WADHA’s website HERE

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Bedazzled abaya #SS14 collection

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A tad late I know! Never too late to post about bedazzled abayas however!! I have seen the gorgeous new #SS14 collection around instagram for 2 months now and I kid you not it is so beautiful and even prettier when you actually see it in “Real-Life”, the photoshoot pics are nice but they do not show the amazing quality of the garments & details. I can only recommend that you head down to their boutique in AD and check out the abayas and ready-to-wear dresses, kaftans and more!! <3


Al Salam Street,Abu Dhabi

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